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Use a single selenite stick to cleanse, charge and magnify other crystals in your collection. Selenite quickly clears away stagnant or negative energy and brings mental clarity. It is used to expand self awareness and intuition and is excellent when used for meditation or spiritual work. We sleep with one under our pillow.
⋆ Purification ⋆ Protection ⋆ Higher Realms ⋆ Ascension ⋆ Spirituality ⋆ Enlightenment ⋆ Connection ⋆ Meditation ⋆ Calming ⋆ Sleep
Please Note:
Selenite is FRAGILE. As a result please be aware that scratches, chips and flaking are common. When cleansing, wrap in a red rag if burying in the ground for 48 hours before a full moon. Returning crystals to the earth is kind crystal caring.

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